Just imagine a Workforce where...

Each new employee is greeted with a welcoming onboarding experience.

Every associate has access to the technology and tools to inspire peak performance.

Achievements are celebrated, wellbeing is support and culture is authentic.

Elevating your workforce experience leads to incredible results.  It’s proven to drive engagement, increase loyalty and activate advocacy from your employees and your sales channel. And it creates workplaces filled with people passionate about delivering great brand experiences for every customer.

workforce experience

Brand Experience for Your Workforce

Your brand experience begins with your workforce experience. At Centricity, we help you attract, onboard, engage and reward talent to increase sales, drive revenue and ultimately to deliver on your brand promise to your customers.

No matter your challenges, Centricity can help you elevate your workforce experience and harness the power of your sales channel to drive business results.


Our holistic philosophy of workforce experience
is built on 3 core competencies.







We are Tech Centric

We believe in the power of technology to enhance, not replace, human connections.

workforce exp_techcentric

SaaS based engagement and incentive platforms.

For your workforce, we offer SaaS based engagement and incentive platforms to power your workforce and ignite your sales channel.

WorkCentric is our state-of-the-art engagement hub.

WorkStride is the incentive industry’s most powerful platform.

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Looking to reward employees,
order branded products, or equip your workforce?

RedeemNow® for branded products, retail merchandise, travel or experiential rewards.

GiftCardsWow® digital platform for the most coveted gift card brands.

Centric Promo is our online shop to help outfit and equip your workforce.

Centric Made To Order is our online option for your made to order products.

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We are Product Centric

Our brand specialists provide an array of product solutions designed to attract, support and retain talent.

From premiums to attract recruits, onboarding packages to welcome new hires, apparel to outfit your workforce, and awards to celebrate achievers, we can craft the ideal product solution to elevate workforce experience for your organization.

Product Centric Workforce
Our brand teams are experts at designing, sourcing and packaging the ideal product mix for any occasion. (7)

We are Event Centric

We believe that events provide the greatest opportunities for engagement with those that support your business and brand.

For your workforce, we provide event support throughout the career journey, from recruitment through retirement.  We help you create the ideal onboarding experiences to attract great talent. To celebrate achievement, we help you design amazing recognition experiences that inspire loyalty and promote excellence for your brand.

The Centricity Live team

For your workforce, our CentricityLive® team designs and manages pop up stores, gift galleries and corporate gifting events that create buzz and excitement.

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Running your own event?

If you're running your own event, we can help you promote it with signage and banners, outfit your team, recommend the perfect premiums and so much more.

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