Powering your workforce.

Challenged by less than desirable employee engagement? Frustrated by a sales channel lacking motivation? Hampered by low morale and lack of culture?

Centricity has SAAS powered platforms that can help solve for each of these problems and transform your workforce into dynamic ambassadors for your brand and your business.




Our State of the Art engagement and communications hub, which offers 10 modules, from feedback to wellbeing, to spark engagement and deliver results for your business unit or brand.


Ratchet up performance and achieve remarkable growth from your sales channel or workforce with this world class engagement and incentive platform.



Looking to reward great performers in the workplace? Customer loyalty? Social Media Influencers? Here at Centricity, we are rewards agnostic, and our technologies make it easy to reward any audience, anytime, with almost anything imaginable. Choose from GiftCardsWow® or our RedeemNow® platforms, streamlining the delivery of digital or plastic gift cards, branded or retail merchandise or experiential rewards to any audience.


With our Centric Shops solutions, we can help you create the ideal online shopping experience for every audience:

Centric Portal®

Provides a centralized shopping experience for multi-brand entities. Users navigate through SSO to a welcoming portal page leading to an online mall able to serve a variety of brands, business units or membership levels.

Centric Promo®

Curated products chosen expressly for your brand, ready to ship to your employees, internal sales and marketing teams, consumers, members or guests.


An online shop for viewing and ordering Made to Order products. Ideal for outfitting teams, properties, business units or chapters.

Centric Pop-Up®

Need a pop-up shop for limited time offers to employees, customers or members? This quick launch solution is perfect for your special offers, seasonal promotions or event specific marketing.


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