Sourcing strength.

The Centricity team designs, sources, packages and delivers millions of products annually. Tap into our team’s sourcing expertise and strength. Leverage the domestic sourcing power we provide as partner in the industry’s leading buying group, Facilis. And for your high-volume projects, Star Products, our own global sourcing company, provides end-to-end sourcing and logistics to deliver optimal value and quality for your fully customized products.

Product Shots of the MurLarkey Collection, Including t shirts, socks, and cup holders

Branded Products

We want you to know that your brand is as important to us as your own. We take every care to ensure your brand standards are impeccably upheld and that product quality and safety are paramount. Our brand teams and merchandising specialists have extensive experience sourcing products worthy of your brand, sure to make the perfect impression on your audience.

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Product Shot of a R/A Branded Duffle Bag

Bespoke Products

Nothing quite impresses like a “made just for you” product. Centricity’s Design Studio team is second to none when it comes to product development. From the most delicate culinary tools to rugged outdoor gear, our bespoke design team can truly design it all.

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Product Shots of the Geico Collection, Including a Geico branded tote bag, water bottles, and sunglasses

Retail Products

Looking for rewards that wow or gift experiences that never fail to delight? Our extensive array of retail brands lets us tailor the perfect rewards for every audience. Our merchandisers also seek out local artisans and disadvantaged makers to expand your product choices while supporting your corporate responsibility initiatives.

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Product Shot of a "Cava Exam Survival Guide"

Custom Packaging and Kits

Our Design Studio team thrills at the opportunity to design dazzling packaging that will enhance the value and extend the brand experience of every product. From keepsake containers to clever kits, we can create the perfect unboxing experience for your brand.

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Product Shot of a NASA Crystal Award


Whether you are recognizing peak performers, sales leaders, donors or volunteers, our brand specialists can design the perfect award for any occasion or budget. Recognition done well creates a powerful brand experience, and our brand teams can help ensure that every recognition moment is one that resonates.

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