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5 Critical Components for your Employee Engagement Program

By Sarah Jordan | August 23, 2019

If your launching or revamping an employee engagement program, there are several critical components that you should consider before you begin. In our work building employee engagement programs for hundreds of clients, we address each of the following components to help ensure high impact results. 1. Regular Intervals of Recognition. Recognition in the workplace goes…

3 Proven Strategies for Becoming One of the Best Places to Work

By Sarah Jordan | August 20, 2019

Do your employees love coming to work every day? ‘Love’, not to be mistaken for its begrudging cousin ‘tolerance’, is what drives employees to perform with passion on a daily basis. Every year, Glassdoor releases a coveted list of the world’s ‘Best Places to Work’, where we often find Google, Facebook, and other well-known names…

How to Attract Millennials at Career Fairs

By Sarah Jordan | August 15, 2019

It’s essential that your brand stands out when competing for Millennial talent at busy career fairs. First impressions really matter, so be sure your giveaways at job fairs and recruiting events confirm for candidates that they are choosing the right company–yours! Check out our curated collection of the hottest career fair giveaways and branded products.…

Case Studies

International Aerospace Company’s Impact Program Case Study

By Cynthia Miller | April 28, 2022

Employee engagement refers to the involvement and level of commitment employees feel with not only their work but their workplace. It can mean the difference between a thriving business and a failing one. If your employees don’t feel recognized and appreciated for the work they are doing, it is harder to gain buy-in from those…