Just Imagine

A customer who is excited to wear or use products with your logo.

Who is wowed by your packaging and delighted at your events.

Who is thrilled to promote and share their love for your brand.

Brands that resonate create engagement, foster loyalty and inspire advocacy with their customers and their employees. Centricity helps you build these connections through authentic brand experiences and the positive stories they inspire.

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Brand Experience for Your Customers

We help you attract and convert prospects and to inspire and activate devoted customers, members and guests.

No matter your challenges, Centricity can help craft amazing brand experiences that resonate with the people you're looking to engage.

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Our holistic philosophy of customer experience
is built on 3 core competencies.





We are Tech Centric

We believe in the power of technology to enhance, not replace, human connections.

Our brand teams are experts at designing, sourcing and packaging the ideal product mix for any occasion. (10)

Looking to reward loyal customers, active members or generous donors?

GiftCardsWow® site features highly coveted digital rewards.

RedeemNow® site is perfect for gifting branded products, retail merchandise, travel or experiential rewards to your best customers.

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Centric Shops provide digital shopping experiences in retail friendly environments.

Centric Portal is perfect equipping your internal marketing or sales teams with your brand sanctioned products for customer promotions and events.

Centric Promo is ideal for customers, guests or members to shop online for products showcasing your brand.

Centric MTO is our online option for your made to order products.

Centric Pop Up is the ideal online resource for time-sensitive events or promotions.

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We are Product Centric

We believe that the right product, chosen with intention, can create lasting connections.

At Centricity, we design, source, package and deliver millions of products annually, each with the power to make a great impression, captivate your audience or go viral with social media.

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Elevate branded products with enhanced decoration and packaging.

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Design private label products proprietary to your brand.

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Curate online stores and events with products ideal for your audience.

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Create unboxing experiences that never fail to wow your audience.

Our brand teams are experts at designing, sourcing and packaging the ideal product mix for any occasion.

Our brand teams are experts at designing, sourcing and packaging the ideal product mix for any occasion. (7)

We are Event Centric

We believe that events provide the greatest opportunities for engagement with those that support your business and brand.

The Centricity Live team

For your customers, members and guests, our CentricityLive® team designs and manages pop up stores, gift galleries and corporate gifting events that deliver delight and captivate attendees.

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Running your own event?

If you're running your own event, we can help you promote it with signage and banners, outfit your team, recommend the perfect premiums and so much more.

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