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CentricityOne is the ideal platform for organizations seeking to elevate workforce experience.


CentricityOne Provides

  • ONE dynamic hub for enhancing engagement, performance and culture
  • ONE personalized, positive workforce experience for every employee
  • ONE empowering destination with tools and resources for frontline managers
  • ONE powerful repository of data for evaluating engagement and ROI
  • ONE workforce solution, modular and scaled to grow with your organization
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On-Demand Modules

We engineered our platform to make work life richer and more productive for your entire organization, wherever they are in the world. Here is a snapshot of the many modules available on demand with our SaaS software:

Recognition and Engagement

  • Values driven peer, manager and nomination-based recognitions

Digital Card Library

  • Welcome new hires, celebrate milestones, amplify appreciation

Pulse Surveys

  • Launch surveys quickly to take the pulse of your workforce

Social Engagement

  • Dynamic social wall and leader board invite engagement


  • Launch wellness challenges that encourage healthy lifestyles

Job Referrals

  • Encourage talent attraction and retention through job referrals

Reward Redemption

  • Expansive rewards marketplace excites every demographic

Feedback Module

  • Employees can request coaching and feedback

Reporting and BI

  • Access visual analytics and BI to evaluate impact and ROI

Powerful, Proven Technology

CentricityOne is a powerful cloud-based SaaS platform engineered with best-of-breed security and functionality. Our platform integrates with your HRIS system and is accessible directly or via SSO, on any device, around the world.

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CentricityOne is feature-rich to deliver benefits to your entire organization. In addition to the expansive recognition and reward functionality we offer, our comprehensive platform enables your entire organization to thrive. Here is a sampling of features your entire enterprise can experience:

your employees can

Your Employees Can:

  • Personalize their profile, preferences and experiences
  • Receive recognition, and manager feedback (upon request)
  • Recognize and celebrate peers with recognition, e-cards and social wall

Your Frontline Managers Can:

  • Amplify engagement through appreciation and celebrations
  • Provide requested feedback and coaching opportunities
  • Access best practice tools, guides and resources
your frontline managers can
your program administrators

Your Program Administrator(s) Can:

  • Capture feedback through quick-launch surveys
  • Invite and reward employee referrals for posted job openings
  • View key metrics and overall program performance

Your Leadership Team Can:

  • Track impact of frontline managers on engagement and culture
  • Capture key insights on performance and ROI
  • Partner with your Centricity Success Manager to optimize results
your leadership team

Want to explore our myriad of features for your organization?

Our Unique Methodology:
Genuine Recognition®

Here at Centricity, we combined our collective tenure in the workforce experience space (nearly a century!) with our proven expertise in designing award-winning engagement programs to create our trademark methodology. We believe Genuine Recognition® is integral to helping frontline managers and leaders become better practitioners of recognition. Our unique methodology authentically communicates and celebrates the behaviors, performance, and achievements that positively impact your company, culture, and key stakeholders, fully aligned to your vision, mission, values, and goals.

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It's More than a Platform

We work side-by-side with you to design, develop and deliver the ideal solution for your organization. Our client-centric team is here (or there) for you every step of the way.

more than a platform
  • Our Discovery Process features diagnostic tools and whiteboarding sessions to ensure recognition strategies are aligned to your goals and budget.
  • Our Onboarding Process is designed to streamline even the most complex program setup.
  • Our Training Resources and tools ignite user and manager engagement from the onset.

With CentricityOne, you get more than a platform. You get a Partner devoted to elevating workforce experience for your organization.