Globally Sourced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Solutions

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At Centricity, we know that keeping your employees healthy is your top priority. Protect your staff from potential hazards with our personal protective equipment (PPE). We have a wide range of FDA - and OSHA - approved equipment to choose from that will help keep your workforce safe so they can contiue working with confidence.

Our safety materials come in a variety of sizes, materials, styles, and brands, making it easy to find exactly what you need. From industrial-grade sanitizers to bulk PPE kits, our large-scale procurement process is designed to fill your immediate and future needs with ease.

Learn more about how Centricity can help deliver on your PPE needs today.

Available Personal Protective Equipment

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Ensuring that your workplace is sanitized is one of the most important ways to keep your workforce safe from potential hazards. Centricity offers a variety of sanitizer stations and dispensers, FDA approved hand sanitizers, and industrial-grade sanitizers that will ensure your facilities are germ-free and your workers are protected.


Nitrile gloves provide your workforce with quality hand protection that will allow them to perform their daily tasks safely.



To prevent your workforce from breathing infectious or other harmful materials, it is recommended that employers supply appropriately graded face masks to ensure their continued health and productivity.

PPE Kits

If you'd prefer to outfit your workforce with a variety of PPE, consider looking into our PPE kits. These solutions are perfect for a number of professions and include items such as gloves, face masks, and more.

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Bulk PPE

For more large-scale PPE needs, we can procure protective items in bulk quantities to increase savings and deliver more to your workforce.

Branded PPE Products

If you're looking for branded PPE solutions, look no further than Centricity. We are uniquely positioned to obtain both branded materials and PPE from a variety of providers.

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