Work Milestones: What Are They and How to Celebrate Them

By Cynthia Miller | May 20, 2022

When’s the last time you considered professional milestones and anniversaries at work? Celebrating a yearly anniversary for employees is fairly common practice for most companies (or it should be), but there are many other noteworthy milestones that get frequently overlooked. Plus, not all ways of expressing gratitude are created equal. Sending that three-sentence thank you…

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Welcome Back to the Office Gift Ideas

By Cynthia Miller | May 12, 2022

After the pandemic, remote work defines a new normal for many. Regardless of a return date, planning ahead is key for any organization. As offices slowly begin to reopen, taking time to welcome your employees back to the office is a smart HR and organizational strategy. What Are Welcome Back Gifts? A standard practice in…

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New Employee Welcome Gift Tips & Ideas

By Cynthia Miller | May 6, 2022

Welcome to the team! First impressions are everything, especially when onboarding new employees. It’s important to create inclusive experiences that give people joining your organization something to look forward to. Don’t know where to begin? Keep reading for helpful tips and tricks about new employee gift ideas. What Are New Hire Gifts? Known under a…

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Man smiling and forming heart with hands

How to Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees and Become a People-Centric Organization

By Cynthia Miller | April 29, 2022

With so many people leaving their jobs and looking for new opportunities, it’s more important than ever to be intentional about being a people-centric organization by winning the hearts and minds of your employees. Many are looking for a place where they belong to something bigger than themselves. They are looking to fit work into…

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How to Give an Employee Recognition Speech

By Cynthia Miller | April 19, 2022

Employee recognition takes many forms. From the small thank yous to presenting honorary gifts and awards, workplace appreciation is integral to fostering employee engagement. One of the ways to acknowledge a team member’s hard work is by giving a recognition speech. This impactful gesture clearly shows what employees are capable of achieving. Recognition speeches offer…

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How Employee Engagement Impacts the Customer Experience

By Cynthia Miller | March 21, 2022

In going through our discovery process with clients who come to us looking to increase customer engagement, we often determine that a significant reason for less-than-ideal customer engagement is a low level of employee engagement.  At Centricity, we typically operate from the premise that “You must capture the hearts and minds of your people—so they…

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