Just imagine...

  • A new employee greeted with a welcoming onboarding package
  • Who has the technology and tools to inspire her to peak performance
  • Whose wellbeing is nurtured and whose achievements are celebrated throughout her career
  • A workplace filled with people passionate about delivering exceptional experiences for every customer

Imagine, too...

  • A customer who is excited to wear or use anything with your logo
  • Who loves browsing your online brand store
  • Who is dazzled by your packaging and delighted by your events
  • Every customer thrilled to promote and share their love for your brand

Either scenario leads to incredible results. But together, the possibilities for your brand, and your business, are endless.

This we know.

We are Centricity - the center point for brand experiences.

Brands that resonate create engagement, foster loyalty and inspire advocacy with their customers and their employees.

Centricity helps you build these connections through authentic brand experiences and the positive stories they inspire.

Centricity’s holistic philosophy of brand experience is built on 3 core competencies:

Products, Technology and Events.


We are Tech Centric

We believe in the power of technology to enhance, not replace, human connections. We deploy technologies that facilitate positive brand experiences for every audience. For your workforce, we offer SAAS based engagement and incentive platforms that power recognition, rewards and incentive programs and elevate workforce experience. For your customers, we offer dynamic online store solutions, from portals to pop ups.

We are Product Centric

We believe that the right product, chosen with intention, can create connection. We design, source, package and deliver millions of products every year, each with the power to make a great impression, captivate your audience and go viral on social media. It’s mission critical to ensure those products resonate, creating awesome experiences for your brand.


We are Event Centric

We believe that events provide the greatest opportunities for engagement with those that drive our business and our brand.

For your workforce, we provide event support throughout the career journey, from recruitment through retirement. We help you create the ideal onboarding experiences to attract great talent and design amazing recognition experiences that celebrate achievement and inspire excellence.

For your customers, members and guests, we provide pop up stores, gift galleries and corporate gifting events that deliver delight and create lasting connections.

As your brand experience agency, we focus on creating and sustaining dynamic connections with the people who make your brand thrive.

Brand Experience for Your Customers

We help you attract, inspire, activate and transform passive prospects to devoted customers, members or guests.

No matter your challenges, Centricity can help craft amazing brand experiences that resonate with the people you are looking to engage. Let’s connect and explore the possibilities.

Brand Experience for Your Customers
Brand Experience for Your Workforce

Brand Experience for Your Workforce

We help you recruit, onboard, engage and celebrate talent that enables you to deliver your brand promise to your customers, members or guests.

No matter your challenges, Centricity can help craft amazing brand experiences that resonate with your workforce and your sales channel, increasing engagement and driving business results