21 Signs Your Organization Has a People-Centric Culture

By Jim Bitner | May 4, 2022

If people are our biggest and most important differentiator and so many of them are looking for new work opportunities, why aren’t we paying attention to what they need? It’s more critical than ever to be a people-centric organization committed to making sure your employees—and let’s not forget your customers—have a voice, feel valued, respected,…

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Man smiling and forming heart with hands

How to Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees and Become a People-Centric Organization

By Jim Bitner | April 29, 2022

With so many people leaving their jobs and looking for new opportunities, it’s more important than ever to be intentional about being a people-centric organization by winning the hearts and minds of your employees. Many are looking for a place where they belong to something bigger than themselves. They are looking to fit work into…

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Two employees demonstrating peer to peer recognition in the workplace.

Best Practices for Peer-to-Peer Recognition in the Workplace

By Jim Bitner | March 25, 2022

Recognition in the workplace comes in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, we’re used to feedback coming most often from managers, directors, and other leadership team members. But in recent years, more and more companies have begun to acknowledge the value of peer-to-peer recognition and feedback. Peer recognition seems simple enough as a concept, right?…

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