For nearly 4 decades, E Group provided an amazing array of clients with products, services and technology to create connections with the people that
make their brand thrive.

While our legacy began in what was then called employee recognition and incentives, halfway through our long journey, we added, first organically, and then by intention, customer brand experiences into our portfolio.

And in the ensuing decades, we have had the privilege of serving some of the biggest and certainly brightest consumer brands, hospitality companies, industrial clients and associations. It’s been a truly amazing journey with beloved brand partners.

But as we move forward together, we intentionally sought to design for our very own brand what we have helped so many other organizations create. A brand story that resonates. Well told, with passion and purpose. A new set of experiences for our team, for our clients and for their customers, members and guests.

Our unique expertise creating solutions for both employees and customers formed the foundation for what would ultimately become Centricity – the center point where both meet, creating synergies for every brand we serve.

Our journey to Centricity took a few years. We have been working quietly behind the scenes, with intention and purpose, to hone our offerings, develop new solutions, design new technologies, and reengineer processes.

A Centricity team member using a computer

Keeping the Best

As we designed for our future, we chose to carry forward in Centricity these treasured legacies from E Group:

  • Our beloved clients, many with us from our earliest days.
  • Team members with more than a century of shared expertise in crafting and curating amazing brand experiences.
  • Our hip HQ, at the heart of the DMV. Local in attitude and global in scope.
  • Our trusted and proven partnerships like Facilis Group, WorkStride and Bright Sites.
  • Proven innovations in employee engagement and consumer promotions
  • Our inhouse global sourcing company, Star Products.
  • Our passion for our core markets: Hospitality, Associations, Consumer Brands & Industry
  • And last, but not least, E Group (the corporate entity) as our parent company.

And the Best Is Yet
to Come

  • Laser focus on brand experience for your customers and your workforce
  • Amazing new talent joins our team – SMEs in elevating workforce and customer brand experiences
  • Enhanced technology – WorkCentric®, Centric Shops®,  RewardCentric®, GiftCardsWow®– to power your brand and your business
  • Exciting CentricityLive® event design, décor and promotions
  • The industry’s most user-friendly onboarding for new programs and platforms
  • New Brand Team structure – Specialists dedicated to providing your brand the best experiences possible
  • New Omni Team – We’ve reengineered our services by integrating our Design Studio, merchandising, sourcing, fulfillment and customer care teams into a cohesive team of specialists to provide stress free management of your programs.

Let's Build Your Brand's

When we work together, the possibilities are endless