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Our Story

For nearly 4 decades, we have provided an amazing array of clients with branded merchandise and technology solutions that create connections with the people that make their brands thrive.

While our legacy began in 1983 as E Group, in what was then called employee recognition and incentives, halfway through our long journey, we added, first organically, and then by intention, customer brand experiences into our portfolio.

And in the ensuing decades, we have had the privilege of serving some of the biggest and certainly brightest consumer brands, hospitality companies, industrial clients, and associations. It's been a truly amazing journey with beloved brand partners.

In early 2020, we rebranded as Centricity, intentionally designing for ourselves what we have helped so many other organizations create. A brand story that resonates. Well told, with passion and purpose.

Our unique expertise in creating solutions that engage both employees and customers formed the foundation for what would ultimately become Centricity - the center point where both employee experience and brand experience meet, creating synergies for every brand we serve.

As we launched Centricity, we chose to carry forward treasured legacies from E Group, including our beloved clients, brilliant team members, our hip HQ, and our creative spirit. And to this mix, we added amazing talent, best-in-breed technologies, and a streamlined customer journey process that makes launching new programs, platforms, and events a breeze.

Let's Connect

We'd love to hear from you! If you're ready to start building better relationships with your employees, customers and potential customers, we're here to help. Reach out to us anytime.

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Our corporate responsibility philosophy is best captured in our mantra, "People, Planet, Purpose."

The Centricity team is committed to community building and sustainability, which is evidenced in how we do business together and in every cause we support.

Where to Find Us

We love seeing friendly faces at our virtual and live events and experiences.  From pop-up stores to curated gifting events and award ceremonies, our events team stays busy on the road (and on screen) delivering amazing brand experiences for our clients. 

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Let's Build Your Brand's Experience

When we work together, the possibilities are endless!