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Centricity is dedicated to creating unique, impactful brand experiences that will resonate with your employees and customers.

The Centricity Team's Experiences

Centricity Brand Experience

Our agency is dedicated to helping organizations enhance their brand experience to boost engagement and build better long-lasting relationships.

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Your employees make your organization great, and our workforce solution, CentricityOne, helps to reward and recognize their efforts in one, easy-to-use hub.

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We Are Centricity

Some agencies specialize in branded merchandise, others in employee rewards and recognition. And even a few that offer both, usually with limited focus on either. We are the exceptional exception.

The team at Centricity is uniquely positioned to serve at the center point where your brand and your business merge. Where workforce experience and brand experience can coalesce to create big magic for your organization.

Centricity is brimming with specialized teams and proven brand experts that produce innovative products, winning promotions, and powerful platforms that create authentic experiences and lasting connections with your customers and your employees.

The Centricity Team's mission is to generate positive brand experiences with those that drive your bottom line – your workforce, customers, members, or sales channel – increasing engagement, fostering loyalty, and creating advocacy for your business and your brand.

Whatever your challenge, we'll hook you up with the ideal team to amplify your brand experience for your audience.


Capture the hearts and minds of your people
by creating an employee-centric organization.

Discover how we can help you delight your employees.

Our Clients

Centricity is proud of the partnerships we've been able to build with our clients. Since our earliest days, our team's goal has been to create engagement, foster loyalty, and inspire advocacy. These goals are at the core of every relationship. Below are just a few of our valued clients.


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By Cynthia Miller | May 20, 2022
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When’s the last time you considered professional milestones and anniversaries at work? Celebrating a yearly anniversary for employees is fairly common practice for most companies (or it should be), but there are many other noteworthy milestones that get frequently overlooked. Plus, not all ways of expressing gratitude are created equal. Sending that three-sentence thank you…

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Exploring event giveaways? We’ll let you in on a secret: these marketing instruments always strike a chord, resulting in significant results like boosted sales, brand awareness, and increased subscriptions. Keep reading to discover the best swag ideas for events of any kind. What Are Event Giveaways? Event giveaways generate lots of value in return for…

Welcome Back to the Office Gift Ideas

By Cynthia Miller | May 12, 2022
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After the pandemic, remote work defines a new normal for many. Regardless of a return date, planning ahead is key for any organization. As offices slowly begin to reopen, taking time to welcome your employees back to the office is a smart HR and organizational strategy. What Are Welcome Back Gifts? A standard practice in…

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